The Girl Genius 18 Queens and Pirates Kickstarter

Created by Studio Foglio / Girl Genius

Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE! The latest volume of Phil & Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius webcomic and graphic novel series!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

I'm Shipping the Queens and Pirates Kickstarter Books and Paper Things
11 days ago – Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 02:37:51 AM

At long last, the Envelopes of Madness are packed, and I’m shipping books. If you have moved in the last year, please go onto BackerKit and let us know. Completed surveys are now locked, so you’ll need to have us change the address for you. We want to send it to the right address! It’s going to take me a while to get all these out, so unless you’re one of the ones that I’ve started with, you’ve got time!

You can access your BackerKit survey here:

I’ll be shipping metal things once they’re here, that’ll be after the books go out. I’ll let you know. I’m packing the boxes myself, with possibly a couple of housebound Fogliolings to help. I’ll post some pictures later.

Thank you for your patience, everyone. Stay safe!


BackerKit Surveys are Now Being Sent!
3 months ago – Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 10:35:20 PM

We are beginning to send out the BackerKit surveys, so please watch for the email in your inbox or spam folder.
We are starting with the "smoke test" which sends out 5% of the emails to test the system. After that, they'll all go out. So, today or tomorrow. (See? I told you they were fast. Not like me...)

When you get it, you'll see that it has a "deadline" near the top. Don't worry about that, you can still fill out the form just fine after that date. The deadline field was required, so we picked a "we hope to start shipping around this time." day. 

The PDF links for the Queens and Wizards book went out in emails from DriveThruComics back in September. If you didn't get it, (check your Spam folders!) we are happy to resend. Don't trust comments to be seen, though, please contact us through the Queens and Pirates campaign page (click on "Created by Studio Foglio" in the upper right to find the blue "contact me" button) to be sure we see your message.

Cinderella PDF links will be announced later, when I've got the files ready for you.

Thank you, everyone! 

BackerKit is now reviewing my setup--expect Backer Surveys in the next few days!
3 months ago – Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 11:47:05 PM

I'll post again when they've gone out, but I want to let you all know to watch for the Girl Genius Volume 18: Queens and Pirates survey emails from BackerKit sometime this week. They say it could take around two days to look it over, but they're often faster than that, so we'll see. (I'm so happy to have made it to this point.)

Thanks, everybody! 


Small Update
3 months ago – Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:12:43 AM

Hey everybody, I said I'd let you know one way or the other about the BackerKit surveys. So, obviously I didn't get them done before I went to Atlanta, and that's because I didn't go to Atlanta. Phil and I are both sick, so I've been sleeping a lot instead. I'm still working on the surveys, but I'm slow. I expect to be ready with them this week. I just wanted to drop a note! Thanks-- Kaja

The Surveys are ALMOST Ready, but Not Quite, and the Books are Finally Here
3 months ago – Tue, Jan 07, 2020 at 12:45:58 AM

Hey everybody!

The Surveys are taking longer than I planned, we’ve had a couple of emergencies and the Holidays slowed me down hard. I wanted to wait to post until I had the surveys all ready, (they are almost ready) but I can’t wait, I want to let you know where we are with the campaign:

The books have finally arrived! They look fantastic. The new printer is wonderful. I am putting the final tweaks on the BackerKit survey, and it still needs to be looked over by the BackerKit experts, to make sure I did it right. Postage has, once again, gone up, so I’ve had to make all kinds of guesses and tweaks to the behind the scenes tables. Such fun.

I’ll be in Atlanta this weekend, as a guest at the Georgia Filk Convention (GAFilk), so I’m a little nervous about sending the surveys out and then skipping town…if something doesn’t work right I’ll come back to a lot of shouting, and that’s never good. SO, I’ll try to get the surveys out before I leave, but if it’s looking like I won’t have good contact with my helpers while I’m away, I might leave it until I get home. I’ll let you know here either way.

The current plan is to ship the books and flat things ahead of the medals and pointy things, so that we get the books to you as soon as we can. We’re still building the Envelopes of Madness, and hope to have them ready when the survey responses start coming in.

One other PDF related thing: I noticed that I promised you all a PDF of the Weasel Queen and Cinderella stories, but didn’t get those prepped and released along with the main book. I’ll be getting those put together and out after I get the BackerKit work done. They’re actually going to be part of a larger volume that includes a whole bunch of our extra stories, and–since you’ve all been so wonderful and I’ve been so slow­–­I’m planning to build the PDF so that you get the Weasel Queen and Cinderella version first, and then later be able to download the full volume of extras. We’re really hoping to have that book of extra stories in print by the Summer shows, but…yeah…we’ll see.


Happy New Year, everyone. Thank you for your patience, I’ll be in touch soon!